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Buck Brannaman

Buck is a mix of mentor, legend and folk hero to the tens of thousands who have attended his colt-starting and horsemanship clinics each year. He is also the inspiration for the novel and feature film “The Horse Whisperer” starring Robert Redford. He is highly regarded as one of America’s most renowned horsemen.

“Buck Brannaman is part of a lineage of skilled horsemen, and for the horses he works with, it is about trust and understanding, not submission.”

Robert Redford

Actor / Director

“The first time you see Buck Brannaman ride is a moment of lasting impression. Buck doesn’t ride a horse, he merges with it.

Bill Reynolds

Publisher / Author

“When it comes to horses, Buck Brannaman is part guru, part psychologist, and all cowboy. He’s a 19th century man in a 21st century world, and his life is at once inspirational and instructive.”

Tom Brokaw

Acclaimed News Anchor

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